I recently attended the 10 anniversary of the St. Gabriels Linus Party.

In this group, we make no-sew blankets for children in need. All we need to do is tie knots into the fabric. Then, they get delivered straight to children’s hospitals and homeless shelters for teens. It’s relaxing, social, and most of all, fun.

This is my fourth year joining. I enjoy this group because it’s a great time for being social with old friends and meeting new ones, all while doing something calming that helps the community.

I had tons of fun with the girls my age there. At first, I couldn’t decide where I wanted to sit.  I tried the living room but it was to busy to find a comfy spot to sit.  I tried the basement next. But while there was a movie playing,  it was too dark to see. So, I followed all of the girls to the bedroom. Where I finally found a good spot to talk.  Me and the girls talked about our favorite songs, what our friends are up to, (more like what their friends were up to) and what we were planning for the rest of the week.

This year we made over 100 blankets. That’s amazing what a little church community can do! I would really like to thank the Rice family for providing a warm atmosphere on cold wet Saturday to do this as they do every year. As you can see from the photos they had a full house. Adults, teens, and little kids all found their comfort spots to do this good work.

I hope that the kids who receive our blankets will feel as warm and cozy as we did making them.

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