Studio Art Tour




I spent this past weekend enjoying the Western Loudoun Art Studio Tour. A celebration of the creative mindset of Loudoun County.

We began our tour in Purcellville. A small town with big ideas. And we started with one of my favorites Eric Scott.

Eric Scott is an artist who not only draws cute little monsters but also creates stained glass inspired paintings. His monsters are good for decorating kids rooms and his other paintings are good for adding a colorful sophistication. He sure has a silly yet smart mind.

Also, in Purcellville, we visited Three Rivers Yarn. A place we’ve passed many time on Main Street, but never ventured into. And it was totally worth a stop.  You see, they use old fashion looms from the 1800’s, past down from generations to create beautiful textiles. It’s nice that they kept that piece of American history and they still use it today to  make their art products. They also teach weaving classes. It’s pretty cool.

Over in Roundhill we visited the main Arts Center.  A really nice lady taught me how to use a pottery wheel. It was a pretty steep learning curve. I couldn’t even get the pedal to go. And yet, by the time I was done I made a pretty decent bowl.


Then we headed into Leesburg with our friend Jennifer Alves aka, “Little Jen.” She is an artist as well and works with mixed media. The first place we visited  was the new Clay and Metal shop in Leesburg. It had so many cool items that were just as creative as the people who made them.

We then had various stops in Leesburg and Hamilton with all sorts of unique types of pottery, jewelry and paintings.

We ended the tour on Sunday at the Franklin Arts Center. After looking at more art right from my ownneighborhood, we all agreed that the Western Loudoun Art Studio Tour was a true inspiring art adventure.



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