Sheer Magic at Devilsbliss Farm


This week I visited my 4-H farm Devil’s Bliss.  It’s been an exciting time because I showed my presentation that I worked on for weeks.

It was a beautiful day to be at the farm. Warmer weather finally came. Which brought the small baby lambs. So cute.

On this day, the Temple Hall members gave presentations on several different topics. Like which animal is the best at protecting sheep, and what’s the smoothest fleece.

My presentation was the history and making of wool. Quite an interesting topic to be honest. Especially when you learn about the extra steps about wool making that you had no idea existed like carding.  This is when the wool is “combed” and smoothed out before spinning.  I also learned  fun facts like King Henry VIII was the first European to wear knitted socks.


Next month I’ll be choosing my baby sheep to help raise. I am excited because I got an early look at these babies myself. They were only four days old. I even got to hold one. It seemed to really like me and was snug and cosy in my arms. I seem to have a way with animals.





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