Happy Birthday


Tomorrow is my 15th birthday!  It’s the 16th birthday’s lamer cousin! Anyway, its still an important milestone. People start treating you like an adult even if  you are not any where close. Heck, I’m still trying to figure out which forgotten kids cartoon is the best! I’m also getting into other things like drawing, video games, manga, and even farm care. So, to mark this occasion I’m making a delicious buttery, yellow cake with chocolate icing.

My plan for my birthday is going to the new trampoline place in Lessburg with my sister and hopefully my bff Madeline. Then we will have a relaxing diner before we get wasted on that cake I’m making. Next time I’ll order the restaurant desserts.

In my 15th year ahead I think I need to make more friends in the neighborhood. I never gave much thought about making friends, but now that I’m homeschooled, I need to find friends I can hang around with. I for one can’t wait to go celebrate tomorrow. So here’s to another wonderful year and hoping for only the best of the best.

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