Seeking Wisdom In A New Place


Recently I visited a new place in the area called Wisdom Spaces. For me it was a relaxing spot to express myself in new ways. This is a picture of it just outside the barn.

Ms. Carla was my guide. A kind lady through and through. She loves kids, especially the ones she has which are actually her horses. They are kind, curious and hairy. Being horses and all! And I got to take care of them.

First I met a brown horse. I felt a little nervous in the beginning but, I got use to the smell. I helped feed him a fancy meal of beets, hay and water. After that delicious meal, I groomed his heavy  shedding coat. Then I got to meet the other horses. Tall horses, small horses, and even a blind horse. Ms. Carla seemed to notice that the horses were drawn to me. Maybe they noticed how kind I was at the get go.

Next up was painting. Now I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not good at painting. Drawing I’m somewhat good at, but not painting. I guess It’s because the brush isn’t as stable as a pen or pencil. But this time I finally birthed a masterpiece. I started with a grassland and then just put all the colors I liked on the canvas. Ms. Carla said it looked sorta like a heart.  Mom said the same thing.  I like that.IMG_3406.JPG

We ended the visit with a good nature walk. I met up with her dog. He was very protective. As we walked through a bamboo tunnel,  I learned that bamboo is very relaxing. Seriously they should really put the wind going through a bamboo forrest on more sound machines. (Note: I just discovered sound machines so I am tuning into lots sounds around me)

I plan to visit Wisdom Spaces more often. I want to appreciate my own wisdom and gain some new perspective on the things I love most, people, animals, nature, art.  I think that’s a wise plan for me now.

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