Learning From A Pro




This week I had the opportunity to meet professional photographer, Aliyah Dastour from Alimond Studios in Leesburg.  I met her at the Sterling Women’s Luncheon last month and she agreed to give me a tour of her studio and offer tips for my own work.

When I got there I was immediately stunned of how well her studio was designed. She sure knows how to keep things clean, and comfortable at every photo shoot. The best way to describe my experience is charming. The people at the studio really know how to be charming and helpful. She even offered to meet up in the Spring to go on an outdoor photo shoot! That way I can get more tips. Also, they’re so resourceful when taking beautiful shots of their clients! With a camera and a few “magic” lights Aliyah makes her client’s portraits look spectacular.

I’m really excited to see what kind of things I can learn from these professionals.

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