Franklin Arts Film Festival


Last weekend I attended the Franklin Arts Center’s first Cabin Fever Film Fest! This was the first film festival I’ve ever attended. And I’m proud to say it was……… Good!  With more awareness and entries it can move to excellent.

So, the first film we watched was a documentary called “Nickel’s: The Last Hardware Store.” A movie about a hardware store in my hometown of Purcellville. I was expecting a film about the rise and fall of the traditional hardware store, and how Nickels made it through. Instead  we get a film about the history of this particular store and how it effected the Purcellville residents. It was still good. It taught me a lot about my town and how many famous faces like to visit a simple hardware store. After the showing, there was even a Q&A with the directors. The producers behind the film, Lincoln Studios, are known for their documentaries and law footage. Check them out at LINCOLN STUDIOS

Next up were 3 short  student films.

First, was the “Ghoulie Girls” by Maddy Wade Films. It seemed to be a school project film about 3 friends trying to summon the ghost of Charles Dickens with a few random historical facts included for educational content. I can’t be too mad at it.

Next up was the chess short, “Jake and Teo Play Chess.” A simple story of how friendship develops over playing chess.

Then Maddie Wade returned with  “Exploring Carolla.” A day-at-the-beach video montage  that featured her editing and videography skills  which were really good. She should really consider a career in film editing!

I’m really proud that aspiring directors and producers now have a place to showcase their work.  I’m even considering putting up a lego stop-motion short of my own in the mix for next year’s festival. Until then we can suport all these artists online. Check out my wrap up video here


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