A Little More About Me

First off, sorry I’ve been away so long.  I’ve been figuring things out about life,art,culture and cupcakes.

Anyway, let’s take this time to get to know me better. I’m 12 years old and already have a life plan ahead of me.

I want to be a photographer.I mean,why else would I have this website? However, I also want to be a author then if my book becomes an academy award winning film I’ll be right there with the catering. 👿💩 but hay, if it’s picked up by Disniy I can get my own cartoon! Or I can make a kickstarter and do all that chips an dip right now!

I also play the guitar. Well I am just starting lessons which I go to after school.

And now a lightning round of my favorite things….

Favorite 90’s band  is Match Box 20.

Favorite food is chocolate

Favorite store is Michaels

Favorite things to do in a snow storm are watch the snow, sledding, and

taking walks.

Favorite things to do at home are draw, listen to music, look at Google images

and read.

So now you know a little bit more about me.

I will try to write more frequently. Once a week should be good.

And now I leave you with a quote from Joey Pigsta Swallows The Key,

by Jack Gantos……

I’m Joey Pigsta and I’ m back baby!!!,

I’m Allie and I’m back too!



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