OBX-Summer Fun



Me and my family proclaimed last month “Forget about all the shark attacks in North Carolina lets go there anyway”. So we did. (By the way the red spots on my legs are not from sharks, seriously they are not) Anyway, we arrived at  Kitty Hawk . The Hilton we stayed in was awesome. What can I say a beautiful hotel right on a beautiful beach.  Chic lobby, breakfast buffet, room service, oceanfront view. There was even  a wedding and a family reunion while we were enjoying the emerald, shiney seas.

Our first night we went to dinner at this great seafood buffet joint called Jimmy’s. They had the best crab legs. Everyone was ordering them,  including us. My favorite part is dipping it in “budda” (butter)

The next day we spent the day on the beach body surfing the waves, waking along the shore,building sand castles (something you never outgrow) and lunch under the beach umbrella.

At the end of each day I would treasure hunt with my metal detector and take pictures.

North Carolina sure has a relaxing beach setting and in the case of Kitty Hawk, where the first airplane was flown by the Wright Brothers,  It is an historical place that will let you discover the past and create new memories just like we did.

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