imageApril 7 2003 I was born in Louisiana

Sunset on the river
Sunset on the river

. I lived there until the summer we moved to Va four years ago. This summer we paid a visit there to clean out what we left behind from our old house. At the end of the day when our work

was done I would take pictures in different areas around our old neighborhood. One of my favorite spots and just  is the st Charles Bridge.  The sun was setting and when we returned to the car I noticed this reflection on the car window and just had to take the picture. It represents traveling in different places  and reflecting on the sights all around.

As we cleaned out the house, I found a lot of childhood memories and toys and decided to give them a new home so I donated some old toys and our zz rocking horse found a new home too.

Here is the full sunset by the bridge. St Charles parish is a beautiful place that will stay in my heart.

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